IMC designs it’s products to address the most severe conditions in industrial brake and automatic transmissions requirements.  To make sure we maintain  level of vehicle coverage, we continue introducing new heavy duty transmission discs to service manufacturers latest released models.


1663327 Disc Intermediate
11143287 Disc Intermediate
11143290 Disc Friction – Carbon
11143365 Disc Friction – CK
11418447 Disc Kit
11418448 Disc Kit
14520701 Disc Friction
15000093 Disc Kit
15000108 Disc Kit
15010615 Disc Friction – Carbon
15017192 Disc Kit
15017294 Disc Kit
15017386 Disc Kit
15017373 Disc Kit
15023672 Disc Friction – Carbon
15045122 Disc Kit
15067329 Disc Intermediate
15067332 Disc Intermediate

IMC Europe – Excellence in premium motion control products

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