Product Addition — Hydraulics

IMC expands further its product line by adding Premium Hydraulic Action Systems and devices for a multiple Off-Highway industrial vehicle platforms:

New products — June 2019

IMC Europe is continuously involved in designing new products in order to satisfy growing customer demand in different markets. Therefore, we are pleased to announce a launch of additional friction products for marine and on-highway transmissions.

IMC Part Brand OEM Number Application
IM3508MP TWIN DISC P5389 Marine Transmission
IM9377 TWIN DISC P3924D Marine Transmission
IM9351 ZF 0501 314 215 On-highway automatic transmission
IM9354MP ZF 0501 314 216 On-highway automatic transmission

Carbon paper material, applied for part number IM9351, offers an outstanding thermal capability with good wear resistance and  superior noise, vibration and harshness engagement characteristics.

By continious development of new innovative friction materials, IMC offers high performance clutch and brake products that are second to none in the industry.

Catalogue New Additions – Q2-2019

IMC’s product line provides OEM grade wet friction materials that last longer and provide more power transfer than any other aftermarket supplier. We offer an extensive line of premium wet friction parts engineered to specific OEM vehicle applications.

Check out below our latest added friction discs and find out why IMC continues to set the industry standard for wet brake and clutch high performance friction products.

IMC Part. Application Part # OEM Alternate #
IM9649 JOHN DEERE 1479130120
IM9653 CATERPILLAR 3750273
IM9695 HITACHI 2055340 163J2-53021
IM9697 HITACHI 2056529 163F2-53131
IM9700MP HITACHI 163G3-02141
IM9704MP HITACHI 163F3-52201 1035506
IM9708MP HITACHI 2055336 163J2-52511
IM9710MP HITACHI 2055262
IM9712MP HITACHI 2055192
IM9724MP BRAY B-67013A
IM9733 NEW HOLLAND 84263419 133100320168, 133100320056, 47111390, 133100270067
IM9736MP NEW HOLLAND 84300615 0.900.1226.7