New References – Terex™, Manitou™

IMC designs it’s products to address the most severe industrial brake requirements. Our range of OE-grade brake products covers 99% of all industrial machinery around the world. To make sure we maintain this level of coverage, we continue introducing new brake heavy duty brake parts.


15248874 Disc Friction
15248888 Disc Intermediate
15248889 Disc Damper
15267525 Disc Friction – BRZ
15271594 Disc Intermediate
15275520 Disc Friction
15275521 Disc Intermediate
15501612 Disc Friction


449384 End Plate
475313 Disc Intermediate
582476 Disc Friction – BRZ
602074 Disc Friction
656123 Disc Friction – GRP
703134 Disc Friction
703135 Disc Intermediate



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